Multi-Channel Diffuser (MCD)


  • Increases pressure recovery up to 20%

  • Increases operating range significantly

  • Reduces size 15%

  • Reduces weight 25%

  • Reduces operating cost / emissions up to 20%



The patented Multi-Channel Diffuser (MCD) technology significantly increases the performance of pumps and compressors while reducing their size, weight, and power consumption.  The MCD will work with any pump or compressor that utilizes a centrifugal impeller, and can be easily incorporated into new designs or retrofit into existing designs.  It is expected to result in savings of billions of dollars per year in energy costs and corresponding reductions in carbon dioxide emissions.  With its performance improvements and cost reductions, the MCD will provide products with a significant competitive advantage.


CHAMP Turbopump


  • Single-Shaft Fuel and Oxidizer

  • Thrust: 6,500 lbf-class

  • Fuel: Liquid methane (radial inlet)

    • 4 pps​

    • 1,100 psia discharge

  • Oxidizer: Liquid oxygen (axial inlet)​

    • 15 pps​

    • 1,100 psia discharge

  • Turbine: single-stage​


The CHAMP turbopump is a 6.5k lb-force thrust-class high-speed, single-shaft, LOX/Methane turbopump.  CHAMP is an acronym for Compact High-performance Affordable Modular Pump.  It can operate as a stand-alone turbopump for small engines, or be combined with additional turbopumps in parallel for increased thrust class engines.  It utilizes a state-of-the-art flow path design enabled by additive manufacturing for high-performance and low-cost.

Cascade Engine


  • Monopropellant, pressure-fed engine

  • Scalable from 0.01 - 1,000+ lbs thrust

  • Low ignition / catalyst energy consumption, < 5 Watts, regardless of thrust class

  • Multiple propellant options: nitrous oxide, hydrazine, AFM-315E, etc.

  • Reduces operating cost / emissions up to 30%


The patented Cascade Engine provides a low energy consumption monopropellant engine for satellite propulsion.  By staggering the injector arrays, the combustor continuously decomposes the propellant without flooding the chamber or stalling the engine.  This allows for minimal ignition / sustaining energy regardless of thrust class, allowing for scalability to meet any mission’s needs.  The engine works with most monopropellants and can also be used as an igniter.



Electric Motor Driven Pumps

The e-Pump is a family of compact, high power density, high-performance electric motor driven pumps.

The initial product launch includes pumps for liquid methane, liquid oxygen, and RP for engines in the 5-10K pound force thrust class.

Liquid hydrogen pumps and additional thrust classes are planned.


DESLA® Engine


  • Thrust:  30,000 lbf

  • Cycle:  Dual-Expander

  • Fuel:  Liquid Hydrogen

  • Oxidizer:  Liquid Oxygen

  • Mixture Ratio:  5.88

  • Specific Impulse:  465 seconds

  • Length:  57 inches

  • Diameter:  74 inches



The DESLA® engine utilizes a truncated aerospike nozzle to provide the high area ratio needed for an upper stage engine, without the length associated with a bell nozzle.  It uses modular combustion chambers to reduce cost and enable deep throttling.  As a dual-expander cycle, it operates with separate turbopumps that do not require an inter-propellant seal, which increases reliability and safety.  The DESLA® engine technology is scalable to other thrust classes and propellants.

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