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DESLA® Engine


  • Thrust:  30,000 lbf

  • Cycle:  Dual-Expander

  • Fuel:  Liquid Hydrogen

  • Oxidizer:  Liquid Oxygen

  • Mixture Ratio:  5.88

  • Specific Impulse:  465 seconds

  • Length:  57 inches

  • Diameter:  74 inches



The DESLA® engine utilizes a truncated aerospike nozzle to provide the high area ratio needed for an upper stage engine, without the length associated with a bell nozzle.  It uses modular combustion chambers to reduce cost and enable deep throttling.  As a dual-expander cycle, it operates with separate turbopumps that do not require an inter-propellant seal, which increases reliability and safety.  The DESLA® engine technology is scalable to other thrust classes and propellants.


CHAMP Turbopump


  • Single-Shaft Fuel and Oxidizer

  • Thrust: 6,500 lbf-class

  • Fuel: Liquid methane (radial inlet)

    • 4 pps​

    • 1,100 psia discharge

  • Oxidizer: Liquid oxygen (axial inlet)​

    • 15 pps​

    • 1,100 psia discharge

  • Turbine: single-stage​


The CHAMP turbopump is a 6.5k lb-force thrust-class high-speed, single-shaft, LOX/Methane turbopump.  CHAMP is an acronym for Compact High-performance Affordable Modular Pump.  It can operate as a stand-alone turbopump for small engines, or be combined with additional turbopumps in parallel for increased thrust class engines.  It utilizes a state-of-the-art flow path design enabled by additive manufacturing for high-performance and low-cost.



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Electric Motor Driven Pumps

The e-Pump is a family of compact, high power density, high-performance electric motor driven pumps.

The initial product launch includes pumps for liquid methane, liquid oxygen, and RP for engines in the 5-10K pound force thrust class.

Liquid hydrogen pumps and additional thrust classes are planned.


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